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Historia firmy


In 2019, we intensively developed the online quality management platform, Panotica Hydra 4.0 QMS. We have introduced new modules (Customers and Products) and expanded the possibility of importing data with new file formats. We have also introduced new features in the virtual tours wizard, equipping it with the possibility of conducting remote property presentations. This tool will ultimately help to modernize the way customers are served by real estate offices. In 2019, we proudly represented our company at subsequent international fairs that took place in the United States (CES Las Vegas), Great Britain (Cloud Expo London), Germany (Productronica and Control) and Portugal (Web Summit). In the middle of the year, we also launched remote presentations on how to operate the Virgo 2.0 system. Online training has met with great interest of real estate employees, as they enable them to acquire valuable knowledge in a convenient way without disturbing the agents' work schedule. In 2019, our clients joined the group of other companies with international reach, such as, Thales (transport systems and products), Drumet (steel wires and ropes), Electroplating plant (galvanic and varnish coatings).


The year 2018 promised to be very promising for us. Thanks to the use of EU funds (SG OP 3.3.3 - Go to Brand), we have started to promote our products abroad. In 2018, we took part in prestigious international trade fair events in Japan (Interop), the United States (Tech Crunch San Francisco) and the United Arab Emirates (GITEX). We also undertook an economic mission in the USA. Due to the change in the provisions on the protection of personal data (GDPR), we have enabled our clients to obtain a free SSL certificate ensuring a high level of website security. At the same time, all the websites we have made are additionally equipped with the HTTP2 protocol, which generally increases their quality and speed. During the year, we also participated in numerous training sessions and workshops for real estate agents presenting and training one of our systems, Galactica Virgo 2.0. In addition to further development of the products offered, in 2018 we launched the first online quality management platform Panotica Hydra 4.0. The software allows not only to gather all processes of enterprise improvement in one system, but also to actively integrate all employees on the system platform, enable them to participate actively and supervise their activities. Panotica Hydra 4.0. was created for the international environment of companies that have implemented ISO quality certificates. The group of our clients has been joined by, among others other international companies: LG Chem (batteries for electric cars) and Bergerat Monnoyeu (distributor of CAT machines).


We started the new year very actively introducing two important events. First of all, we have made available to clients the possibility of using Virgo 2.0 - a fully responsive version of the software used for comprehensive service of a real estate office. This is a milestone in the history of the company and the entire real estate industry, because we were the first to provide a large-scale system that allows you to smoothly operate the office using mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. The second important event was the publication of the Panotica platform used for adding and editing 360-degree panoramic photos with the possibility of creating original virtual tours. This product turned out to be so forward-looking that we received EU funding for its promotion outside our country.

We devoted the following months of the year primarily to the further development of Virgo 2.0 - we refined, among others e-mail and export modules, and we integrated the virtual tours module, allowing you to efficiently add and edit walks around the property. At the same time, to promote the new software, we held a number of its presentations in major cities throughout the country. In the second half of the year, we developed and made available a new type of site targeted at construction developers, including the ability to place an interactive map of the floors of the building and active floor plans.


The year 2016 began very busy for us. Due to the fact that mobile optimization significantly affects the positioning of the website in Google search engine, we have developed a new, fully responsive template type "R" that looks extremely attractive on mobile devices.

In 2016, in cooperation with selected agencies, we actively conducted development work on Galactica Virgo 2.0 - a forward-looking, responsive and intuitive system for real estate offices. At the same time, the results of the analysis of data on real estate offices indicated that over 70% of agents regularly use search tools and matching offers in foreign offices. Due to this fact, we decided to further develop and promote network cooperation, which resulted in the creation of several groups of offices cooperating with each other to optimize profits.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we continued to work on software for combining 360-degree panoramic photos, which based on Virtual Reality technology would allow creating virtual tours. In the middle of the year, we added the Virtual Tour module to the Virgo software and as the first in Poland, we provided real estate agencies with the opportunity to create virtual tours.

In 2016, we signed contracts with more than 200 companies from the service and production industries. In the case of the latter, due to their position on the international market, the Huf Polska company, which manufactures car parts for such concerns as BMW, Porshe, Ford and Volkswagen, deserves attention. The company uses our Galactica Hydra software to manage quality processes.


We started the new year with full workload. The largest projects were working on a B2B system for the accounting industry and starting work on a new interface line for future Galactica systems. This is a key project for the development of the company, because it is to ensure the innovation of our solutions in the coming years. From important new products implemented under the development program, Internet software for developers has been created. Nearly 200 new companies and enterprises joined the group of clients, among them Politech (producer of cosmetic packaging), JackMeister (producer of blinds and pleats), while a special implementation for our company was the implementation of internet software for the District Museum. Leon Wyczółkowski in Bydgoszcz.

Employment at Galactica has reached levels above 30 employees. We keep employees rotation close to zero and introduce several new people who complement the team's competences. The company is people, and this year is special in one more aspect related to our team. This year, seven employees were born to our employees.

In the second half of the year the implementation of the B2B system in Galactica was completed. Work in a new environment has started, which in the first weeks has resulted in invigorating opportunities for cooperation with partners. As part of sales, we exceeded the level of 13,000 invoices issued for the first time throughout the year.

The President of Bydgoszcz, Mr. Rafał Bruski, honored our company with an award for supporting Bydgoszcz Sport. Thank you.

Finally, in September, after 2 years of investment work, Galactica moved to its new headquarters. Own class A office building at 189 Fordońska Street, 20 spacious office and utility rooms, extraordinary architecture and finish of the facade, excellent location next to a large communication node, comfortable interior, the most modern network, air conditioning and ventilation installations, office, training, social rooms with social room -em for employees. We start another 10 years of activity.


The year 2014 promised to be good and it was very good.

In the spring of 2014, after a period related to the design and preparation of the investment, construction of the Galactica office building began. Already after about 4 months you could see the building in its target size. In the fourth quarter, installation and finishing works began, which will last until mid-next year.

The key and also the largest IT project implemented in Galactica in 2014 was the B2B system for the production company Goster. Goster is a market leader in the production of heavy equipment for the construction and mining industries. It was one of the largest projects implemented in Galactica, which consumed nearly 10,000 man-hours of our employees. At the end of the year, we started implementation works that will end immediately after the new year. In addition, in the group of our clients we have welcomed, among others, Voss Automotive (a well-known manufacturer in the automotive industry), SEGEPO-RAFA (a French manufacturing corporation) or VENEZIA (a well-known clothing brand that can be found in almost every shopping center in Poland).

As part of the development of Galactica projects, Galactica URSA has undergone extensive modernization. A large number of implementations in industrial enterprises this year allowed us to gather valuable experience and introduce many new elements to this software.

This year, we also achieved record turnover, recording a more than 35% increase in sales, and the number of active customers exceeded 2,000. We welcomed new people in the team and initiated a project of proprietary programming training. As a result of this project, we have trained and implemented several young programmers.

The end of the year also brought us a pleasant surprise. The Galactica company has been honored by the intermediaries with a medal for services to the real estate market in Poland. Thank you.


At the beginning of 2013, the company's management decided to look for real estate for the company's future headquarters, which will not only meet the demand for office space, but will also offer current and future employees better working conditions and an even higher level of services for clients. The search resulted in the purchase of real estate at 189 Fordonska St., for the construction of an office building, which should become the company's new headquarters in about two years.

An important event of 2013 is also obtaining subsidies as part of the OPIE 8.2 project. Project title: Implementation of the B2B system to improve cooperation Galactica sp.j. with partners. We joined the project with great commitment, because the implementation of the B2B system is to help Galactica in cooperation with partners and in the future development of the network of Galactica service sellers.

Other companies and enterprises joined the group of clients, such as Siropol (manufacturer of plastic products) or Ekajaki (one of the largest Polish kayaking organizers). Cooperation with UPC and PESA has also been expanded.

We finished the year by completing work on the latest product. Galactica Gemini is an online software supporting the work of kindergartens in the area of ​​payment settlement and communication with parents. According to the company's product model, the software also received a number of additional services such as integrated websites or SMS communication.

In 2013, we were all excited about the game of our volleyball team. After the regular season, Delecta Bydgoszcz took first place, beating all PlusLiga volleyball teams, while after the playoff phase after fierce matches with Resovia Rzeszów we finally took 4th, the best place in the club's history.


The year 2012 was uncertain and unpredictable, and we end it with an increase of slightly over 25%. Despite the unstable situation on the real estate market, we have recorded a significant increase in clients from the real estate industry. Galactica provides IT solutions supporting network cooperation, which is so needed in times of crisis. New corporate enterprises have joined us, including: Eaton Automotive, DekorGlass, Alior Bank and PESA (Bydgoszcz train and tram manufacturer). We have devoted over 6,000 man-hours for development works related to new products. Despite the introduction of two new serial systems at the beginning of the year, it was possible to start the production of another. In addition to Galactica PEGASUS (CRM for forwarding agencies and transport companies) and Galactica HYDRA (quality software), we have started work on the Galactica ORION system (CRM + B2B system), which will be released next year.

The numbers in Galactica have also grown. Over 2 thousand Customer domains maintained in Galactica, over 1,300 websites created for our clients, tens of thousands of mailboxes integrated with Galactica systems and over 1,500. active clients using various Galactica production systems.

We have started cooperation with the Delecta Bydgoszcz volleyball sports club, this is one of the biggest challenges posed in Galactica. On the one hand, the desire to support the domestic and already well-known sports club on the national arena, and on the other hand the opportunity to show Galactica to a wider audience. Already the first few months of cooperation have shown that this partnership brings a lot of benefits for both parties (more information in the news).


In 2011, a new "Virtual Tours" service was launched. Based on the purchased necessary equipment and created proprietary software, we provide services related to taking pictures and creating presentations of interiors and public places throughout the country. The constant development of Galactica is not only an increase in employment, new products, new customers, but also a steady increase in the company's turnover, which in 2005-2008 exceeded 100% annually, and since 2009 has remained at a level above 50% annually.


Maintenance and servicing of hundreds of IT systems determined in 2010 further significant investments in the hosting center. New database systems as well as application and file servers have expanded the existing infrastructure, providing new opportunities for the implementation of subsequent customers. Also in 2010, several important partners were acquired, including Bielsko-Częstochowsko-Katowice Association of Intermediaries and PolskaPresse (publishing group). The year 2010 is also a record year when it comes to the growth of new customers, throughout the year Galactica software was implemented in over 500 companies. The number of websites and portals made was also exceeded, which at the end of 2010 amounted to over 700 implementations. The dynamic development of the company caused that the company's headquarters was changed again and in the last quarter of the year the company was located in an office building at 99 Gajowa Street, where it is currently stationed.


In 2009, the Galactica server center was moved to a new location, where customers were provided with excellent conditions in the field of internet connections (direct contact points with internet operators), data security and infrastructure. Permanent cooperation has been established in the implementation of programming orders, including with TESCO Polska, UPC and MONDI. We also initiated the creation of a group and network system for real estate offices in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, which became the beginning of a new approach to network cooperation among intermediaries.


In 2008, more valuable specialists were acquired. New serial systems have been created, including Galactica Libra - software for recruitment offices and HR departments. Also this year, a service and implementation department and a website department were created in Galactica. The creation of the latter resulted from the growing demand for integrated websites with delivered serial systems, i.e. Magellan and Virgo. Also in 2008 there was a change in the company's headquarters, which allowed to increase employment, conduct training for clients at Galactica's headquarters and develop individual company departments. Bearing in mind the security of Galactica clients' data, in particular real estate agencies, at the beginning of 2008 a data security policy was implemented, providing clients with professional standards in the maintenance of entrusted systems and databases. We have started cooperation with the largest Polish real estate agency, i.e.Emmerson S.A.


In 2007, two new series products were created, i.e. Galactica Virgo for real estate offices and Galactica Magellan for tourist offices. It is worth emphasizing that Galactica Virgo has become the company's leading serial product and in 2010 the number of active customers was exceeded, thus becoming the leading provider of software and websites for the real estate industry in Poland. This year, a dedicated Galactica URSA production system was also created, which was implemented, among others at BOHAMET (ship windows) and VISTEON (automotive industry).


In 2006, a future hosting center was initiated, which initially took the form of a database of several servers, thanks to which it was possible to host the produced internet systems. Employment was also increased by new programmers, which allowed to start programming work on new products. We have also established regular cooperation in programming work with TruckLite Europe, a manufacturer of headlights, lighting and sound signals for many well-known car models.


The Galactica company was founded in 2005. The main subject of activity at that time was the creation and implementation of dedicated internet systems. A lot of projects supporting various business processes have been implemented, including internet software for recruitment offices. Software supporting quality systems in the areas of non-compliance and complaints was also created.