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Galactica Ursa

Galactica Ursa is software for production management in the industry, especially in the sectors of construction, mechanics and tools. It finds its purpose in every company where piece production or small lot production takes place.

Galactica Ursa is used during realisation of full production process based on a detailed technological documentation. The system does its job also while monitoring following production guidelines along with registration of working time of employees.

Galactica URSA software was created on the base of interface of Internet applications hence it can be easily developed with new functionalities.


Galactica Ursa supports production processes through:

  • Registry of clients, offers, contracts and orders
  • Advanced management of elements of production
  • Optimum distribution of resources
  • Dedicated analytical reports
  • Developed module of additional elements


Benefits from implementation of Galactica Ursa system

  • Efficient management of materials
  • Optimum management of resources of enterprise
  • Conscious spread of company resources
  • Effective control of employees
  • Safe and fast access to data related to manufacturing of a product
  • Optimisation of preparation time of production processes