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Galactica Ursa

Galactica Ursa is a software for production management, especially in the sectors of construction, mechanics and tools. It finds its purpose in every company where piece production or small-lot production takes place.

Galactica Ursa is used during the realisation of full production process based on a detailed technological documentation. The system monitors and enforces production guidelines along with the registration of employees’ working time.

Galactica URSA software is based on our library of ready-made modules and user interface elements, which allows the system to be extended easily.


Galactica Ursa supports production processes through:

  • Database of customers, offers, contracts and orders
  • Advanced management of production elements
  • Optimum distribution of resources
  • Detailed reports
  • Custom modules according to the customer’s specification


Benefits of using Galactica Ursa:

  • Efficient material management
  • Optimum resource management
  • Effective personnel supervision
  • Secure and fast access to data related to product manufacture
  • The optimisation of the preparation time of the production processes