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Our team

Galactica company is a strong team of enthusiasts who are focused on development and improvement. There are 30 people, including programmers, analysts, maintenance workers, sales staff and an implementation crew. They all are ready to accept every challenge involving consultation, creation and implementation of IT solutions. Due to the clear organisational structure every person knows perfectly the competencies of particular departments. This allows for a fast information flow and an efficient realisation of a customer’s matter. Galactica’s employees can explain clearly even the most complex IT subjects.

Galactica is a team of reliable technical experts who have relevant qualifications and experience.


Galactica's organisational structure:

  • the board
  • the front office
  • Accounting Department
  • Sales Department - launching out-of-the-box and custom products, processing inquiries.
  • Maintenance and Implementation Department - implementing out-of-the-box products, providing customer service and conducting trainings.
  • Development Department - solution design and development
  • Web Development Department - designing and creating websites and portals




Marcin Farbotko
Jarosław Mituś
Michał Raatz


Kamil Tabor
Development Department Manager
Michał Stępień
Development Department Assistant Manager
Maciej Buczyński
Web Development Department Manager
Piotr Wojtalewicz
Maintenance and Implementation Department Manager
Łukasz Kamiński
Sales Department Manager