For 13 years 7 months and 19 days we have been creating, implementing, developing and servicing
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We use the latest technologies, adapt to changing trends in the field of software. We listen to our clients and improve solutions continuously.

Our systems are unified so that learning how to use them does not require advanced training. Each our software is user-friendly, functional and flexible at the same time in order to enable the client to adapt it to processes in his or her organisation.

We care about quality of service and maximum safety of data. Come to us. Let’s develop your business together.

PortfolioThe most interesting implementations from various sectors:

Main sectors of operation We support various industry sectors with our products:

  • Production companies

    are supported in terms of production management, quality management and infrastructure. We create dedicated solutions helping chosen processes of the company.

  • Real estates

    are aided in terms of real estate agency by offering complex solutions in the field of customer service, managing offers, sales and publishing advertisements.

  • Commerce

    support of sales processes and purchasing in B2B, B2C environment.

  • HR

    help with recruitment processes, managing database with CVs and assessment of competencies within the company.

  • Nurseries

    and similar entities receive assistance in the scope of managing settlements and communication with a client i. e. parents.

  • Tourism

    managing the offer, booking process and settlements. Integration with websites when it comes to publication of the offer.