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Technologies and infrastructure

Programming technologies

Galactica’s programming technology is based mainly on the solutions provided by Microsoft, both in the area of ​​programming tools as well as server and database platforms. The infrastructure idea is based on a software platform created and developed by Galactica. Based on this platform, custom internet systems are created. The library of ready-made modules, components and user interface elements allows you to reduce the costs of creating new solutions and to optimize the costs of upgrades related to technological development and migration of systems to new versions. The centralized development of the Galactica platform is also an element of the quality policy, thanks to which the solutions created are characterized by high reliability and user-friendliness.


Systems integration

Galactica also uses partner technologies, by means of which its own systems are integrated with solutions of other suppliers. Galactica’s solutions can be integrated with external devices, including mobile devices, printing systems, barcode systems, SMSC centers and other devices. In the field of delivered industry systems, Galactica is integrated with nearly a hundred different types of industry portals and services. Galactica custom software can be integrated with local systems used in the company, including CAD, ERP, MRP systems, also with custom systems from various manufacturers.


 Hosting center

Galactica has its own hosting center capable of maintaining Internet systems, websites and portals, both manufactured by and entrusted to Galactica. High-quality server systems are used to ensure security and performance. The center is equipped with:

  • air conditioning systems (precise air conditioning, temperature and humidity adjustment)
  • fire safety (fire detection and signaling system, compatible with an automatic fire extinguishing system)
  • power supply (electricity is ensured by a total of four medium voltage connections to two municipal energy rings)
  • facility security (CCTV and the records of employees’ access)
  • IP network (the network works in full redundancy, in the "no single point of failure" configuration), Galactica also has its own IP address classes.


Galactica also provides a high level of security and quality of internet connections, and thus the full availability of hosted systems.