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Galactica Libra

Galactica Libra is an intuitive and complete system for managing recruitment processes of potential employees. The system makes it significantly easier to perform recruitment and enables construction and management of a bank of employees.

The programme is dedicated in particular to recruitment agencies and HR departments in every company.

Galactica Libra is Internet system working through Internet browser. Collected data is safely stored on our server and access to it is possible via any computer or a mobile device.



Galactica Libra enables:

  • Professional management of job offers
  • Publication of offers on a website and announcement portals
  • Advanced collecting and managing of application documents
  • Detailed registry and assessment of employees' competences


Implementation of Galactica Libra system ensures:

  • Fast selection of candidates
  • Optimisation of recruitment processes
  • Efficient management of a database with offers and candidates
  • Access to advanced recruitment tools
  • Detailed assessment of employees'  work and competences


Galactica Libra consists of 4 modules

Recruitment - application documents are indexed which enables use of whole-text searches finding the right candidate within few seconds.

Evaluation of employees - performing periodical evaluation and self-assessment of employees with the application of 180 degree and 360 degree feedback methods.

Competency mapping – determining, assessing and comparing skills of employees in the context of readiness to take given position.

Projects and trainings – universal tool for organisers of projects e.g. training companies and internal coaches.