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Security and Quality Policy

Our company pays full attention to the quality of the services provided and the products offered to clients. At the same time Galactica's most important goal is to achieve customers’ satisfaction and meet their expectations by understanding their current and future needs. The products offered by us are regularly developed and improved in order to fulfil the changing needs of the market. What is more, each performed project undergoes numerous stages and tests, which enables the software to suit the client perfectly, just like a tailor-made jacket. Before implementation of the software, the documentation is carefully prepared, which enables the evaluation of a given project and drawing conclusions for the future ones. Every custom implementation is subject to a long-term warranty.

The software delivered by us is usually hosted on our private servers located in Poland. We ensure the highest level of data security, especially personal data which are stored in our systems.

In order to meet the customer requirements, Galactica offers a high level of data security, especially of personal data, which are stored in our systems.
As a company that creates systems that process personal data, we care about the compliance of our products with the requirements of EU law, so that the data of Galactica’s customers is safe.

To ensure the compliance of the security policy with GDPR standards (General Data Protection Regulation), Galactica’s internal structure and the technical infrastructure meet a number of requirements at every stage of creation, operation and service :

  • Galactica employees constantly improve their qualifications in the field of personal data protection, becoming familiar with new technical solutions and legal requirements.
  • The modular design of Galactica systems allows to precisely differentiate the rights of individual users and effectively influence the selection of access to data.
  • The systems have the functions of monitoring and recording events related to data processing and many other mechanisms protecting your customers' personal data against unauthorized reading or copying.
  • The precise and transparent security policy implemented in the internal structures of Galactica allows ensuring data security at a high level, also in the process of development.


The maintenance procedures for our products have been developed and are performed in such a way that Galactica employees do not have access to detailed personal data. Many years of experience and a number of instructions and guidelines related to the design of our IT systems guarantee that each of our consecutive products also ensures a secure data protection model.
Topics related to the protection and processing of personal data raise many questions and may lead to ambiguities, so we encourage you to contact us directly to dispel any doubts.