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Galactica Virgo

Galactica Virgo is a modern, modular, integrated computer system which has been supporting work of more than 7,500 real estate agencies for over a dozen of years. The system is user-friendly and easy-to-use. It offers high data security and a set of advanced functions surpassing standards.

Galactica Virgo is a web application and it runs on any computer and mobile device.



Galactica Virgo enables integration between:

software->email-> websites-> classified ads portals



Benefits of using Galactica Virgo:

  • Saving time due to automated offer publication on classified ads portals
  • Making offers more attractive with virtual tours
  • High efficiency of searches thanks to access to thousands of offers from cooperating agencies
  • Possibility of establishing cooperation with real estate agencies using the software
  • Using advanced analytical tools
  • Optimising the agent's work thanks to the detailed reports
  • Youtube integration for simple managing offer's video. Privacy policy avaiable here.


Galactica Virgo, as the only software in the world for real estate agencies, has the option of preparing and publishing virtual tours. The system allows users to edit 360° photos  fast and easily.



Take panoramic photos and upload them to the system -> Combine the photos into a virtual tour, add and edit labels -> Share on website and on classified ads portals