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Galactica Hydra

Galactica Hydra is a complex and integrated software for management of ISO quality processes in a company. The system is exceptionally user-friendly, intuitive and easy to implement.

Galactica Hydra enables to not only gather processes of company improvement in one system, but also to actively integrate all employees on a system platform and include them in active participation and supervise their actions.

Internet architecture of software ensures the highest safety of central database which can be used by fast and intuitive navigation among related objects and documents.



Galactica Hydra supports improvement of quality processes through:

  • Advanced analysis of discrepancies
  • Developed claim processing
  • Threat identification and preventive actions
  • Conducting professional audits
  • Implementation of ideas for improvement


Galactica Hydra system provides the following benefits:

  • Minimisation of claim handling costs
  • Popularisation of quality system procedures
  • Centralisation of the system records
  • Optimum supervision of taken measures
  • Additional motivation and mobilisation of employees
  • Measurable assessment of quality processes implementation
  • Increase of client satisfaction