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Safety and Quality Policy

Our company pays utmost attention to quality of provided services and the products offered to clients. At the same time the most important goal for Galactica company is taking care of clients' satisfaction, understanding their current and future needs in order to exceed their expectations. The products offered by us grow along with clients in order to ensure the best fitting into changing market needs. What is more, each performed project undergoes a string of stages and tests which enable software to be matched with the client in 100% just as a tailor-made suit. Each time before implementation of software we prepare documentation carefully which enables evaluation of a given project and drawing conclusions for the future realisations. Every dedicated implementation is subject to guarantee for long years.

Software delivered by us in most cases is stored on our private servers located in Poland. We ensure the highest level of safety of the data, in particular personal data which are collected in delivered and hosted systems.

Safety policy developed by us assumes that both internal structure of the company and technical infrastructure at every step of creating, functioning and maintenance meet a number of the following requirements:

  • Galactica's employees are constantly improving their qualifications in terms of personal data protection by getting familiar with new technical solutions and legal requirements.
  • Modular construction of Galactica's systems makes it possible to differentiate authorisations of particular users in a precise way and effectively impact selection of access to the data.
  • The systems have functions of monitoring and recording of events related to data processing along with many other security mechanisms protecting personal data of clients from unauthorised viewing or copying.

Precise and transparent safety policy implemented in internal structures of Galactica allows maintaining safety of the data at the highest possible level also at the stage of development works.

Procedures of maintenance service of our products were developed and are executed in a way where employees of Galactica have no access to detailed personal data. Many years of experience and a number of instructions and guidelines related to designing of our IT systems provide a guarantee that each next our product offers equally safe model of protection of the data.